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Overview of Maverick


Maverick is a static blog generator built with python. Like Hexo and Jekyll, it takes Markdown(.md) files as input, and output beautifully formated and well structured website pages(.html). It has a lot built-in useful features(feed, search, sitemap, etc.), with extended Markdown syntax and enhanced image processing pipeline.

If you are tired of intricate plugins and complicated configurations, just give Maverick a try. You focus on writing, let Maverick take care of the rest.

Pull requests are surely welcome. If you have any questions or suggestions, please head to issue area and leave us a message. Before that, let's finish this document.


Maverick is build with modern Python, currently at least Python 3.5 is required, make sure you have it installed on your machine.


Clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/AlanDecode/Maverick.git ./Maveric && cd ./Maveric

Install all dependencies:

pip install -r prod_req.txt

If error occurs, please verify your Python and pip version. Then edit the default configuration file:

vi ./config.py

For now let's use the default settings. Type this command in your terminal:

python ./build.py

...and a sample static site is generated in test_dist folder! You can then upload them to GitHub Pages or any other server.

Generate your own site

By default, Maverick searches all .md files recursively under test_src folder, so put your Markdown files in it and run python ./build.py then everything you need will be in test_dist folder. Maverick uses so-called YAML frontmatter to get meta data of your articles, if you have tried Hexo or Jekyll, you should be familiar with it; if you don't, let's look into it now.


Read the full documentation here.


MIT © AlanDecode.

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